How to make REAL Asian Poppadoms. by Deepak resident from the Punjab and my partner.

Published: 10th February 2011
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Hello and welcome to one more articule from Ask An Asian we are going to describe how to generate the great poppadoms.i hope you find this recipe a good and useful one.for quite a few much more make sure you take a look at that's Ask An

Ingredients 2 cups chickpea flour,1 teaspoon (5ml) coarsely ground pepper,1 teaspoon (5ml) floor cumin,1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) sodium,1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed,1/4 cup (60ml) water,1/2 teaspoon (5ml) cayenne pepper (for dusting), Proceedure .Mix the chickpea flour, pepper, floor cumin and sodium in a large bowl,Add the garlic and mix well,Add most of the drinking water and mix into a dough,The dough should be firm and dry,If the pastry is too dry then keep adding a tinybit more water until it gets to the correct consistency,Knead the pastry for 5 minutes right up until the pastry is smooth,Roll the dough into a log 5cm (2 in.) thick and 15cm (6 inches) long,Cut the dough into 12 identical measured slices,Brush a small amount of oil oilonto the end of a slice (this is the top) and roll out into a really slim cir of about 15-18 cm (6-7 inches) - the poppadom should be really thin - simply ease the poppadom off the rolling pin if it sticks,Put a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper on the poppadom,Repeat the over process with each and every of the pastry slices,Very carefully put the poppadoms onto large baking sheets,Preheat the cooker to 150C (300F),Bake the poppadoms for 15 to 25 mins until crisp and dry (keep examining them just about every couple of mins soon after 15 mins),Remove the cooked poppadoms from the furnace and leave to cool,If not necessary now, store the poppadoms in an airtight container until they are necessary,Heat 3ml (1/8 inch) of oil in a big baking pan, or skillet, until the oil is hot but not smoking ,Put a poppadom into the oil and flip it over when it starts to curl at the edges,Remove the poppadom ahead of it turning brownish and put it onto kitchen paper to drain,Cook all the poppadoms like this,Serve instantly,i hope you found this articule interesting for a much better recipe with images go to ask an asian

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